Field Staff Tracking App: Benefits, Features, and How to Pick the Right One

employee tracking mobile app

We are all aware of the necessity of keeping a record of everything field staff members perform in order to manage an organization’s field operations.

However, obtaining accurate information about the on-field employee workforce presents a significant challenge for each and every manager of a firm. Here comes the importance of an employee tracking mobile app solution. Let’s learn about the Field Staff Tracking App, a technology that could assist you in effectively locating your employees in real-time, checking attendance, assigning and monitoring tasks, and supervising their productivity!

Benefits Of Field Employee Tracking App

Easy monitoring– A field employee tracking app tracks and monitors employees who are operating on the ground using technology-driven app software.

Real-time Location– One of the biggest issues with the on-field workforce is location-based tracking. GPS has been utilized as a quick fix for location-related questions since the beginning. All location-related issues may be resolved with this. Overall, the field sales staff tracking system offers a practical approach to monitoring the activity and development of their field workforce in real-time.

Supervise Productivity– The managers may monitor the progress of the field employees’ daily tasks allocated to them, ensure that they meet their clients on time, and obtain crucial information about the outcomes of client meetings with the use of the field employee tracking app.

A foolproof Attendance– And attendance system with geo-verified attendance logging or task-attendance linking is included with field force management software. The accuracy of the attendance record that managers get is always known.

Simple Task Assignment: When managers are aware of where their executives are, what their workload is, and what their niche is, task assignment, especially emergency task assignment, becomes easy. They can also assign assignments in bulk and offline.

Features That Your Field Employee Tracking Apps Should Have

  • Your employee tracking mobile app should not need any additional hardware investment.
    Make sure, the app you choose allows you to create, assign & schedule tasks for each employee easily on time and send instant tasks status information.
  • It should have a single map dashboard to view all your field staff in real-time.
    Your employee tracking app should generate daily & monthly activity reports with accuracy.
  • The app you choose should reduce daily operational costs on admin and paper processes as well as unnecessary overtime.
  • The field staff tracking app must increase the safety of the employees, resulting in the improvement of team efficiency.
  • Most importantly, the app must generate the proof of work i.e daily, and monthly reports to track daily attendance.

Which Field Staff Tracking App Should You Go For?

When you look for a employee tracking mobile app, you will find a plethora of options. However, With Informap Technology Center LLC’s Field Staff Tracking With Task Management, you have complete visibility to locate your field staff, the ability to assign tasks while they are in the field and receive important task alerts, and greater control to make sure that your field staff is performing their duties with a lot more effectiveness and efficiency.

Your field staff’s Android phones will have our MiTrack field staff tracking APP loaded, and your back office manager will be able to keep tabs on them using the iTrack desktop web application.

The entire pertinent data on your field staff’s attendance at his individual job sites and task information is provided by our Field staff tracking system.

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