Field Staff Tracking in UAE

Business owners who employ field staff are well aware of the challenges. When the staff leaves the office and stays out of sight, finding them can be challenging.

Even more problematic is finding out whether they are even working on the task, their location, and if they have reached the customer site.

Field Staff managers obviously want to keep updated which tasks have been completed and whether the workers need any help from the office itself.

The biggest concern is making sure these employees are taking their job seriously, and not wasting this time, which is where field staff tracking in UAE comes in.

Employee Tracking Solutions

Employee tracking solutions do not have to be limited to those working in the field, rather, it can also be used to keep track of those within the premises, especially when the building has multiple floors, or is based on a complex.

It may also provide a centralized system when a supervisor wants to keep records of the location of company employees in different branches across the city.

Know Where Is Your Field Staff? Know What Are They Doing Now?

The moment your Field Staff leaves your office and out of your sight, there is always a challenge in finding out where they are at any point of time and what are they doing now? Have they reached the customer site? Have they started the task? Which Task are they doing now? Which task have they completed? Or, do they require any help or support from the office? Being a Field Staff Manager, or a business owner, you are anxious and have a perpetual concern if your staff is carrying out the task that has been assigned from the office or just fooling around!

Tracking Employees in UAE

Informap's FIELD STAFF TRACKING WITH TASK MANAGEMENT gives the full visibility to locate your field staff, assign tasks on the go, receive key task alerts and greater control to ensure that your field staff is carrying out their tasks in much greater efficiency and effectiveness. Our Field Staff Tracking APP called MiTrack will be installed on your field staff Android phone and your Back Office Manager will use desktop iTrack Web Application to monitor them

Informap Field staff tracking solution provides all the important information on your Field Staff's ATTENDANCE at his respective JOB SITES and TASK Information.



iTrack is designed keeping in mind the field staff work flow. It allows Department heads or Accounts to drop field staff tasks in a common drop box. The Field staff Manager picks up these tasks from the drop box and assigns to the field staff based on their route or location where they are in. The pick and drop task can be assigned on the go as the back office manager has full visibility where they are at any point of time. History and activity reports can be made on a daily basis and submitted to the management..

Smart Features for the Office Staff Application 

    View LIVE LOCATION of your Field staff

    Record customer contact details and address

    Create Customer POIs to manage Client Locations

    Assign TASKS with customer details and Task steps

    User management hierarchy feature

    Single Dashboard to view all your Field Staff in group and messaging

Sales Force Tracking in UAE

    Receive Instant tasks alerts from Field Staff

    Receive Pictures & QR Code Uploads

    Manage Daily Attendance to compute their overtime

    Scheduling for efficient dispatching

    Live location & battery status with other details

    Generate Daily Monthly Activity Reports


MiTrack is designed for the field staffs who are working outside the office to provide them with complete information on their assigned tasks with scheduled date & Timings, customer locations and customer requirements and assigned by which office staff.

Cool Features of Worker Tracking Software & Mobile Apps

The most interesting feature of this technology is that it makes reporting authentic, through the use of worker tracking and monitoring data.

So whenever there is a disagreement with your field staff about their work on the go, you can provide documented proof to them.

Employee Tracking Software in UAE

Other useful features include:

    Proof of real-time performance of the field staff

    Easy availability of customer Information

    Easy route planning

    Receive instant scheduled tasks

    Send Instant update on tasks – completed, pending, cancelled

    Send Instant template, custom messages for quick messaging

    Upload pictures for proof

    Scan & send QR codes

    Proof of device status of the field staff, such as battery low, and application usage

    Proof of daily and monthly activities as reports

    Dashboard view of your tasks, with date and time, name of task assignee, project number, and department name


No additional Hardware Investment.

Easy Creating, Assigning & Scheduling tasks for each employee easily

View all your field staffs on a Single map dashboard in real-time

Easy Decision Making for Quick Support

Generate Accurate Daily & Monthly Activity reports

Reduce Daily Operational Costs on Admin and Paper processes

Reduced unnecassary Over time & control Fuel Costs

Improve Team Efficiency with Increased Staff Safety

Send instant Tasks Status information

Proof of work – Generate Daily, Monthly Reports to track daily attendance

Greater Customer Satisfaction with consistency performance

Create Customer POIs for Route Planning




This system has made it so much easier for my company to ensure that field staff is doing its job and not wasting time, along with proper data management tools. It is a top-drawer functionality.

- Andrea

Keeping track of the work of field staff is a major problem for businesses that hire on-the-go workers. Now we can make sure time and wages are not being wasted out there!

- Arun

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