Benefits Of Using Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring System

The Internet of Things or IoT refers to the network of physical objects known as “things.” These “things” are embedded with software, sensors, or other technologies to connect and exchange data with different systems or devices using the internet. The IoT is proliferating and has already surpassed several conventional methods in terms of functionalities and features. The wide applications in the field of advanced analytics and remote monitoring are revolutionizing business operations and providing exemplary benefits to them.

Real Time Temperature and humidity monitoring

These are also few of the many applications of IoT. Temperature and Humidity monitoring systems are immensely crucial to businesses where the immediate surroundings is very vital in maintaining product quality and shelf-life. Informap’s InfoSense is specifically designed to monitor the real time temperature and humidity in cold stores, warehouses, freezers, data server centre etc.

InfoSense uses gateway with sensors and data loggers to continuously measure and record the temperature and humidity of a closed system and send the readings to a centralized platform via a Wi-Fi or GSM network. Authorities can simply remotely monitor using this platform and ensures that the cargo has been shipped to a controlled environment.

Using remote temperature monitoring systems is essential if you are dealing with climate-sensitive goods. It is not only convenient to use but also helps owners to confirm the quality of the products during the storing, shipping, and warehousing process. Continue reading to learn the major benefits of using IoT-based temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for enterprises. 

  1. Get Instant Notifications and Alerts

InfoSense provides instant notifications in real-time that allow businesses to efficiently track the temperature and humidity conditions of a warehouse or cold storage remotely. It reduces redundant chores like physically monitoring temperature and humidity, taking manual readings, etc. With an IoT-based temperature monitoring system, you will always get instant notification alerts or SMS or email alerts which will help you to make the right decision at the right time. 

  1. Protect Your Products and Meet Regulatory Compliances

Businesses must maintain the quality of their products throughout the supply chain cycle. Using a InfoSense monitoring system, you can protect products from the adverse effects of surronding changes while meeting regulatory compliance.

  1. Advanced Analytics

After gathering data from a temperature sensor, you can measure statistical insights like every  minutes temperature readings, the duration of products deterioration etc. With the help of these data, you can improve the efficiency of your warehouse or cold storage.

Informap Technology Center LLC is a worldwide popular technology firm offering innovative business solutions to clients using the latest technology. We provide cold storage, warehouse, and chiller monitoring solutions through M2M WIFI/GSM. Our current temperature and humidity monitoring solutions can be accessible in warehouses, supermarkets, cold storage, chiller vans, and hotels. 

We have tactically designed and built our condition monitoring solution so it can efficiently evaluate, record, and transmit the temperature and humidity data to the authority in real-time using IoT sensors and the internet. Our sensors can accurately measure temperature and humidity every 5 minutes and notify the authority if the condition exceeds the set range. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our temperature & humidity monitoring solution.

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