• Indoor Mapping APP in the UAE


The future is INDOOR MAPPING. Nowadays navigating using GPS technologies for outdoor travelling are commercially available for all users.

What is Indoor Mapping?

Indoor Mapping helps to locate your routes indoors, that is, inside malls or huge multistory office buildings, using Bluetooth or other sensory waves collected by a beacon. These information are translated into user friendly smart real time maps giving the customers a completely new experience of shopping or finding your way in a long building and never getting lost.

How Does Informap Indoor Mapping Works?

Our mapping system is designed to generate a geometrically precise three-dimensional detailed model of an unknown indoor environment. The indoor surfaces and features can be mapped from images acquired by a unique configuration of different types of optical imaging sensors and positioning beacon devices. This configuration ensures that all the information required to reconstruct the three-dimensional environment is included in the collected images.

Visitor's User Experience

  • Browse indoor map with multiple floors or sections
  • Search for a store/facility and locate them on indoor map
  • Show route for reaching the searched store/facility
  • Navigate using blue dot in real-time on indoor mapSend push messages directly to your visitors
  • Mall/Facility managers can analyze visitor foot prints and visualize visitor density on maps and charts.

Benefits of Indoor Map

  • Improve visitor experience and employee efficiency
  • Provide precise directions across multiple floors and multiple buildings
  • Customize your map to match your company style
  • Use same map for many applications
  • Update the map in real-time
  • Restrict access to confidential information.

Indoor Map Solutions offered by Informap

Indoor Map Lite

This economy edition is most common and provides basic functionality of indoor map. Allows switching to multiple floor-map, search for a store or a facility and view on the map with associated information. Users can specify source and destination to generate route and get turn-by-turn directions.

Indoor Mapping APP in the UAE
Indoor Mapping APP in the UAE
Indoor Mapping APP in the UAE
Indoor Map Blue

Indoor Map Blue

This edition augments the user experience by showing the “blue dot” on the map to indicate visitor location and movement. Route generation requires specifying only destination. Real-time navigation is enabled as the blue dot shows the walked path and the path ahead to move. Blue has 2 options:

  • Locate using mobile positioning functions (hardware-less indoor location)
  • Hybrid by using phone functions and installing beacons in selected tight corners where there is signal hindrance.

Indoor Map Analyze

In this edition of indoor map, the mall manager is able to visualize the customer footprints to various stores. Further analysis is possible to find the stores that have higher footprint in order to compute the value of various stores. This edition also allows sending push notifications to customers in real-time on sales and other promotions or activities.

Indoor Map Analyze
Indoor Mapping APP in the UAE

Indoor Map Beacon

This edition requires installing blue tooth beacons in the entire indoor map area, approximately one every 50-100 meters.This indoor map provides the most accurate version of indoor blue dot positioning and the richest user experience for indoor navigation.