• Enterprise Geo Coading Service


Many enterprises in the UAE collect and store their customer, supplier, patients in digital databases. Often these data records lack the geographic location coordinates and a structured address. The call agent or the customer entering address data has entered with several errors. As such these data cannot be geo-enabled and powerful geo-analytics cannot be carried out to derive spatial intelligence and to make an effective geo-centric decision.

Accurate geocoding of customer records are an essential part of many geospatial processes. Whether you want to show your retail locations on a map, calculate an optimized route for a delivery, or search within the radius of an origin point, or find out customer distribution, geocoding enables you to associate latitude and longitude with an associated address.

Informap offers following enterprise geocoding services

Business Geocoding

Informap is able to ingest customer database and derive the exact geographic coordinate through business name, telephone number or when required direct calling to find the location. The data is cleaned and scrubbed and a structured address for every customer together with the geographic X, Y coordinate is provided. The geocoded data has now become geo-enabled and various geo-analysis can be carried out. Businesses can also opt for GRL or Makani number for their customers in Dubai.

Home Address Geocoding

This service is particularly provided for Home delivery companies. Being a Dubai Municipality addressing system Makani enabler. Informap is able to provide an accurate address of the customer with their respective Makani Number. 

GPS Data Geocoding API

For companies who receive GPS data through online platforms or from GPS connected devices, Informap offers a geocoding API.

Functionality of Informap Address geocoding API

  • Transmit X,Y coordinate with a unique vehicle ID or a device Identifier with API key authentication
  • Informap geocoding API will sent back the building address of the GPS position.
  • Reverse geocoding is very accurate due to the rich underlying building level data
  • Usage fee is computed based on the transactions carried out per month.