• Fleet Management System

Fleet Management Tracking System

iziFleet - Fleet Digitalization Platform

Fleet management services are usually used by companies who have large fleets to keep records of all the repair and maintenance work carried out on their vehicles in addition to GPS tracking them. This includes maintenance and regular checks as well. The fleet software allows you to look after all management of your company’s fleet of vehicles, from purchasing till it is retired. Advanced technology can also allow you to keep track of driver, vehicle details, and schedule maintenance. All of this gives you easy access to the work done on each vehicle, and the parts involved. Fleet management in Dubai may also give you mobile control of the vehicles, to protect them from theft.

Digitize your fleet maintenance schedules, repairs, and vehicle management under a single platform. This application can help you manage your assets, vehicles all in a single dashboard. Whether you have 10 or 1000 vehicles, our FLEET MAINTENANCE app can provide you with all the information and assistance you require to manage your Heavy Equipment, your fleet, or any kind of assets. Locate them, identify their maintenance schedules, track their usage, know when is the next oil/tire/parts change, manage the cost incurred, and get automated alerts or notifications. This application will be your very own digital administrative assistant in FLEET RENTAL AND MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT.

iziDrive - Driver Mobile App

iziDrive app encompasses our 20 years of expertise in fleet management. We understand the pain points of an individual owner as well as an establishment to file, store, retrieve, refer, and share the records of a vehicle. We believe the iziDRIVE app will help the Driver to digitalize the vehicle records and forget about the paper records.

The App is available on iOS and Android.

Functional Capabilities

  • The driver has Real-time access to vehicle records and can share them when required
  • Driver attendance
  • View system notifications, receive messages from the office and enter reminders
  • Driver score with both journal and behavior
  • Log Trips, Expenses, and collections
  • Enter odometer reading, and enter maintenance record of service and repairs
  • The driver is able to log Events such as incidents, fines, and other vehicle transactions


Fleetmama - Vehicles Key Management

FleetMama is an enterprise web application designed and developed for managing vehicle keys in large enterprises. With a simple user interface, the application is designed for use by the Security Staff to enter the vehicle plate details and the invoices that the driver is carrying to fulfill the orders. The system allows the driver to pick up goods from one warehouse and drop the vehicle in another warehouse or store as the data is available in real-time.


Fleet management solutions are key to making sure your full lineup of vehicles functions as well as you planned. These systems give you several advantages, including reduced risk, better safety, and fully functional, real-time GPS tracking

  • Locate vehicle at any time and anywhere
  • Keep your fleet safe
  • Cut costs incurred petrol and maintenance
  • Ensure fast and reliable transfer of data
  • Meet the needs of your full fleet with specially designed systems
  • Keep fuel costs, and running and idle time low
  • Be notified of accidents and seatbelt use.

Fleet Management in UAE


Testimonial 1: I have not had to worry about drivers’ compliance since I got the fleet management system installed. It has saved me previous costs and ensures the adequate safety of my employees and vehicles.

Testimonial 2: With 24-hour access from anywhere in the world, I stay connected with the status of the vehicles in my fleet, even when I am travelling. The system is very cohesive and easy to use.

Streamline Your Vehicle Details

For small and medium companies and individuals who require a simple and easy to use the system to manage their fleet maintenance, repair, tires, insurance, and registration service, Informap offers a Mobile APP. Using Informap’s Fleet Management system comes in a Mobile APP and on the web platform. Garages can enter the details of the vehicle and the maintenance that is carried out. Details such as parts changed and warranty on the parts are entered. This is a digital repository of everything carried out on the vehicle. Since the platform is connected to the garages, they can enter the work progress and the parts details. Customers using a mobile app can find repair works that are carried out and the warranty on each of them.