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Distribution, Courier, Logistics
Restaurants, Catering
Construction Management
Schools, Nurseries, Universities
Consumer Gas Supply
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Mobile Resource Planner (MRP)

MRM offers a customized real-time solution to manage a company’s vital 3 mobile resources namely; vehicle, people and their tasks. MRM allows route planning and managing visit, delivery, collection and service jobs.

gps vehicle tracking system

Riders Order Monitoring App (ROMA)

Motor Bike Rider Tracking

ROMA provide a customized solution for Fast food companies and restaurants to manage home delivery orders along with rider tracking. Orders can be assigned to riders before reaching store, assembly is quicker and delivery is faster.

Worker Attendance Tracking (WOX)

WOX is designed and developed for companies who pick up workers from labor accommodation / camps and drop them off in different project sites. WOX solves worker site attendance challenges and project specific worker timesheets. Management will have greater control of the workers and a reliable system for tracking their work.

gps employee tracking

Passenger Tracking & Attendance (PAX)

Passenger Tracking

PAX is exclusively developed for passenger (student/staff) transportation companies who require Entry/Exit control for attendance management, WIFI camera and GPS tracking of their vehicles. PAX solution gives visibility to all stakeholders such as fleet managers transport provider, guardians/parents.

Gas Cylinder Tracking

Informap provides a turnkey solution for tracking gas cylinders. The system solves the pain point of gas distribution companies due to a low turn-out of cylinders from customers. The cylinders simply are stacked away by customers and do not bother to return it back when not required. Industry gas cylinders are sometimes used to fill from gray agencies.

Informap’s gas cylinder tracking effectively solves this challenge by geo-tagging every gas cylinder’s picked up and drop off point. By using Informap system, Gas Distribution companies can generate Gas Cylinder Distribution Report, Gas Cylinder Delivery Report and Gas Cylinder Location Summary Report. Using these geospatial reports, any gas cylinder that is not returned for more than a particular duration is taken back from the customer during subsequent visits.

Gas Cylinder Tracking

Heavy Equipment Tracking

Heavy Equipment Tracking

Heavy equipment constitutes outdoor assets such as construction machinery and oil & gas equipment. Leasing companies that lease this machinery/ equipment have a challenge of losing their assets to theft or subjected to abuse. Companies that charge based on operational hours or onsite usage hours have no reliable way to compute their location and on-site operational hours. Informap provides the feasible solution to overcome this difficulty.

You can use Informapuae for rider tracking and here the benefits for same-

  • Real-time tracking help locate and status and operational hours in real-time
  • Help protect equipment from theft With Real-Time movement alerts
  • Geo-fencing alert Notifications are sent if the equipment is moved from a pre-defined fence
  • Reports can be generated to compute onsite duration and by accurate billing of operational hours
  • Maintenance can be carried out optimally by accurately tracking Engine Hours and thereby Improve Productivity

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1. How do I track employee attendance?

Manually tracking your employees can be cumbersome and tedious. You can alternatively track employees with the help of advanced technology and automation. Our WORKER ATTENDANCE TRACKING (WOX) can help you manage worker site attendance and timesheets. Using WOX, you can get greater control of the employees and a reliable tracking mechanism.

2. What is attendance tracker?

Our attendance tracking systems can help in streamlining the employee attendance to let you record and report tasks easily, with minimal effort. We leverage location tracking thorough GPS, hence tracking in real-time. The information can be analyzed from anywhere and anytime and viewed online enabling you to manage your employees better

3. What is LiveTrack?

LiveTrack enables you to manage your fleet of vehicles efficiently. Using our real-time GPS services, you can track every vehicle in real-time through a website. Fleet tracking can help your business to manage a fleet of vehicles and drivers. Drivers are easily located on the maps and contacted if needed.

4. What does a Field staff tracking system do?

We offer customized real-time tracking and managing of mobile resources such as employees or remote workers and their tasks. The solution enables task assignment, managing their visit, delivery, collection and service jobs, that can help optimal utilization of resources.