Where is my car ? How Will I know ?
Use GPS Technology To Locate your Vehicle
Visibility of Your Vehicles Anytime, Anywhere

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a constellation of satellites to determine the position of a point on earth surface. The geographic latitude and longitude plus the height are computed by the GPS tracking system based on the satellite position and signal time. The GPS Tracking device or a GPS assisted navigation device, in turn, computes the exact location, time, engine status and speed of the vehicle together with other digital input signals. The GPS Tracking service provides user with the interface for tracking the vehicle.




Additional Tracking Services We Provide

  • Makani: Informap is a Makani address service provider. Informap system enables finding home addresses and business locations based on the Makani number. It helps call agents identify the exact building and their entrance from which a call was received.

  • Home Automation: Home automation system allows measuring temperature, humidity, door status, access control and security of your residence through Wi-Fi or using GSM.

  • Addressing Service: Building or villa location map and address service provided using a 6 digit GRL number or Makani Number or Onwani Number or Sharjah postal code. This service allows users to drive the car straight to the exact building/villa access point or gate.

    Types of GPS

    Plug and Play GPS Tracking: Use portable trackers and move them as you please.

    Standard GPS Tracking: Fixed device used to track the car from anywhere in the world.

    Advanced GPS Tracking: Perfect for logistics businesses because of optimized route planning features.

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