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Informap's flagship IT-300 GPS Tracking unit, made in Korea is a proven hardware used worldwide over a decade. It can withstand the heat and the tough Middle East operational environment. Bundled with Etisalat’s M2M SIM card, this ready-to- install solution can be made operational the very next day.

Informap's flagship IT-300 GPS Tracking unit



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I have got Informap GPS tracking solution installed in all our 25 vehicles way back in 2013. Their prices were slightly higher than the competitors. Still, I went ahead and bought from them as their benefits and value of service sounded much better. I have been using Informap solution for the past 6 years now.

Here is their report card:

  • Not even a single device failed and they are working fine even after this long. Which electronic device lasts this long in 50 degrees heat?
  • Their location is absolutely correct and they give exact land mark, not just area name
  • I receive alerts and reports every single day. I wanted some additional reports such as first engine start and last engine off and these guys activated it very next day.
  • Their servers are very reliable and there is no down time
  • They have APP that I use almost every time to quickly check
  • Their support staff are so pleasant and whenever I call them they pick up and come running for uninstallation, reinstallation etc. Yes, their charges for these services are also a bit higher, but they are prompt and the technicians are well skilled and their documentation is very professional.
  • Their map is absolutely great and its shows every building.

Initially I thought google map is better but as I start using their map, I realize how fresh and rich their map is! Now, I love their map. There are many tracking companies in the UAE and many have closed down since 2014. Their devices do not last for 2 years and their service is very poor. In retrospect, I am happy for having chosen Informap. These guys are very reliable and their GPS device made in Korea is truly an outstanding hardware than many so called European devices cannot match. I would recommend Informap without any hesitation. Go ahead and pay a little bit more to own a premium product and reliable service. My advice: DONT SETTLE FOR THE CHEAPEST VENDOR!

- By Mr. K. Antony l Arabian Gulf

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