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Temperature & Humidity Warehouse Monitoring Solution, Condition Monitoring

…for your Cold Storage Warehouses, Mobile Chillers & Freezers

Informap offers cold storage, chiller, and warehouse monitoring solutions through M2M WIFI/GSM as other technologies are evolving in the UAE. Currently, temperature and humidity monitoring solutions are offered for Cold Storages, Warehouses, Hotels, Supermarkets, and Chiller Vans.

Informap’s condition monitoring solution is designed to measure, record and transmit temperature and Humidity from IoT sensors in real-time either using a GSM or through WIFI. The sensors are able to measure accurately every 5 minutes and push exception alerts if the condition goes outside the set range.

Real-time monitoring and digitalization save the manual recording and quality assurance.

In warehouses and cold storages, temperature cum humidity sensors are permanently installed with a GSM SIM card or Wi-Fi enabled. Depending on the size of the warehouse or cold storage, the sensors can be scoped after a careful evaluation of the key thermal sensitive spots.

In vehicles, either standalone temperature and humidity sensors with a backup battery can be used or it can be connected to a GPS tracking device to receive geo-coded temperature data.

The data from these devices are transmitted to a secure cloud platform at set intervals and exception notifications are sent to a Mobile App. Customers can use the App to set a threshold for the exception notifications. More than one mobile number can be set so that the concerned persons are notified to act immediately.

Customers can use the Mobile APP to log in to the platform and check the current temperature and humidity, past temperature, humidity readings and generate up to 6 months reports. The locations of the installed sensor are shown on a detailed floor plan to help the user locate the facility and its respective ambient conditions. The platform is designed to show data in tables or graph format. Informap also is flexible and open to design and activate custom reports as the business or government regulation required.

InfoSense: Real-Time Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution

This real-time monitoring system is designed to track, monitor, and record the ambient temperature and humidity conditions in the facilities. Multiple data from multiple locations is collected using wireless highly sensitive sensor tags. These data are collectively consumed by a GATEWAY to push it to the server. All the information and reports from multiple sites are processed and displayed under a single platform www.infosense.ae

The application promises to simplify the users’ tasks of collecting and recording this critical information and representing the same using color-coded icons, detailed location plan and analytical information to enhance the user’s understanding.



InfoSense is capable of 24/7 monitoring of temperature and humidity data
• Real-Time Temperature & Humidity Conditions
• Real-Time Graphs
• Real-Time Data Tables
• Set Notifications
• Set Event Alarm
• Track Your Sensors As Per Installation Location
• Generate Batch Wise & Instant Excel, Pdf Reports
• Desktop Version & Mobile Apps Available
• Easily Configurable With Any Lan, Wi-Fi Or GSM Communications
• Capable of Customizations & Integrations

How Does It Work?


The Technical Specifications

The Gateway

• Backup battery for emergency use
• 100 pcs sensor tags could be recognized at a time
• Easily USB configuration
• Temperature and humidity alarm notification
• Low battery level notification
• LAN/WIFI/GSM transmission mode supporting
• LED light indicating for different status

The Sensors

• Large battery work for up to 3 years 
• High precise temperature and humidity sensor
• Easily USB configuration
• Temperature and humidity alarm notification
• Low battery level notification
• Communication distance between receiver and sensor maximum up to 300 meters (Open Area)

BLUETOOTH temperature, humidity Smart Data Logger

A new cost-effective Bluetooth application that offers reliable temperature data that can be accessed using a mobile app giving a full control over the ambient conditions. Monitoring the ambient temperature/humidity conditions at your site can help you avoid expensive damages. This smart solution allows you to constantly monitor and record the temperature & humidity conditions.


• Constantly documents the ambiance of the temperature/ humidity conditions or both.
• Immediate access to the logged data using a mobile app via Bluetooth
• Generate instantly pdf reports at any point of time
• Save time by reducing the need for constantly visiting the facility to manually document and monitor the temperature & humidity.
• Eliminate errors and paperwork used in manual inspection
• Reduce your liability with smart documented monitoring of your facilities.
• Increase your customer services and trust by ensuring them that the goods are stored under inspected and verified facilities

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth 4.1
• Long Distance Wireless Transfer
• Built in high sensitivity sensors
• Real-time display of temperature & humidity
• Sent history reports via email
• Item Weight: 1 ounce (30g)
• Product Dimensions: 2 in. (50mm) 2 in. (50mm) 0.8 in (20mm)
• Material: ABS, PCB, FR4

• Power Source: Battery Powered
• Output Power: -4 dBm, adjustable
• Batteries Included – Yes
• Batteries Required – Yes
• Battery Cell Type: Lithium
• Battery Description: CR2450 3V 550mAh
• Warranty Description: None
• Shipping Weight: 1 lb (.45 kg)

PDF Generating Data Loggers

…Designed for Cold Chain Management – Monitoring and Documentation


Disposable Data Logger – Temperature

Reusable Data Logger – Temperature & Humidity

Reusable Data Logger – Temperature

InfoSense Web Platform Solution, Condition Monitoring

InfoSense is a cloud-based platform designed for tracking the temperature and humidity of a room as in a Freezer, Cold- Storage, warehouses, Hotels, supermarkets, etc.
It monitors and records the real-time temperature and humidity changes using high-grade room sensors.
The threshold levels can be set in the application to trigger alarms when the set conditions are out of the permitted levels. Alarms can be sent through SMS, e-mail, or web.
Reports can be set to be sent daily, monthly.
Floor maps can be added in the application to easily locate the multiple sensors
Mobile apps are available both in iOS and Android stores for convenient use.

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