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IoT Warehouse Monitoring & Cold Storage Solutions

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Informap offers cold storage, warehouse, and home monitoring solutions through M2M WIFI/GSM telematics as other technologies are evolving in the UAE. Currently, Temperature and humidity monitoring solutions are offered for Homes, Warehouses, and Vehicles.

Temperature and Humidity sensors are fitted in the warehouses, cold storages and monitoring refrigerated vans that carry Medicine, Drugs, Vaccines and frozen products.

In warehouses and cold storages, temperature cum humidity sensor is permanently installed with a GSM SIM card. Depending on the size of the warehouse or cold storage, the sensors must have to be repeated after a careful evaluation of the key thermal sensitive spots.

In vehicles, either standalone temperature and humidity sensors with a backup battery can be used or it can be connected to a GPS tracking device to receive geo-coded temperature data.

The data from these devices are transmitted to Informap’s cloud platform at set intervals and exception notifications are sent to a Mobile App. Customers can use the App to set a threshold for the exception notifications. More than one mobile numbers can be set so that the concerned persons are notified to act immediately.

Customers can use the Mobile APP to log in to the platform and check the current temperature and humidity, past temperature and humidity and generate reports. The locations are shown on a map and reports can be generated that shows data in tables and graph format.


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