DELOOP: A Delivery Management Platform – Optimize Local Delivery Anywhere

Delivery Management Platform

In this digital era, everything is available at doorsteps, from clothing to medicines to groceries. And if you run a logistics company or a supermarket in the UAE, you may know how important it is to deliver goods on time, Right? So, no wonder you probably stay stuck in calls to track orders and your delivery staff!

What if you can get all the details under a single roof? At Informap Technology Center LLC, we hear your wish and bring an ultimate delivery management platform, DELOOP, to make your job easier.

Interested? Let’s have an insight into its application features and advantages at a glance.

How Does DELOOP- This Delivery Management Platform Help?

While having been in this business for a long time, you may be well aware of the miscommunication between the delivery staff, customers, and store operators. For example, not every time your delivery staff has the exact location of your customers, which creates challenges in finding the correct building, leading to delays in delivering orders.

Since many delivery companies, like logistics and supermarkets, face such challenges, we bring a single application to manage and optimize orders and local delivery anywhere in the UAE. It’s a dashboard where you can monitor the complete order status, from your customer location to the availability of delivery staff to the routes.

Yet, you will no longer be wasting time working out the routes manually for your consumers, waiting for the delivery staff in store so you can assign them orders, or getting stuck in calls to ensure where the delivery guys are.

This delivery management platform, DELOOP, comes with the following advanced features, making your task a breeze. Such as:

  • Live tracking of orders
  • Customer management details and a detailed mapping system to track building locations (Integrated with the GRL mapping system)
  • Tracking the availability and location of delivery staff- real-time updates
  • Intuitive interface
  • Business settings
  • Reports
  • Driver app and navigation tool
  • Integrated with eCommerce websites (optional)
  • Customer notifications (optional)
  • Barcode scanning system with a phone camera (optional)

Here’s how these advanced features benefit supermarkets and logistics companies in order delivery management:

  1. With this delivery management system, you can ensure that the goods are delivered on time.
  2. You can choose the best delivery routes automatically in seconds instead of spending hours on them to figure them out manually.
  3. It’s easier to track the delivery staff with their live location while receiving the visibility of customers’ buildings from dispatching.
  4. For drivers, direction problems are easy to solve.
  5. You can manage multiple deliveries to different locations at a time while changing the priorities of orders if required.

For the riders, we have designed and developed another delivery management platform- DELOOP R. This android app is perfect for the riders of the delivering fleets picking up and delivering goods from your store or warehouse to every customer on the predetermined routes. Its features include:

  • Live tracking the rider
  • Easy to push the assigned deliveries to the rider with this DELOOP R app
  • Riders can see all the order items, customer location with the route, and order priority.
  • Allows to scan the QR code of the order box during order loading in the vehicle
  • Billing and receiving cash and removing orders (if rejected by the customer)
  • Real-time status updates of new orders and deliveries and more

Bottom Line

So, while running a supermarket and logistics company and looking for a single delivery management platform, try our DELOOP application. At Informap Technology Center LLC, we have designed and developed this system to better optimize your local delivery from anywhere in the UAE.

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