How Can Your Business Benefit From A Delivery Management System ?

Delivery Management Platform

A growing business is good for you because it means more orders, higher employee morale, and higher profits. In the case of delivery-based businesses, as the company grows, so does the responsibility to manage a larger number of vehicles, more delivery personnel, and more complex runs. The daunting task of tracking your vehicles and delivery personnel efficiently, especially as your business grows and becomes busier, necessitates meeting the added layer of complexity. Modern business owners choose to use delivery management platforms to improve their business efficiency by effectively managing and tracking their vehicles and delivery personnel.

What Is Delivery Management Software?

It’s a tool for streamlining the delivery process from start to finish. Both drivers (agents) and end-users can benefit from it. Agents may automate dispatch, pick-up, and delivery processes, as well as get optimum routes to reach customers quickly. End consumers, on the other hand, can follow their packages in real time and have all driver information at their fingertips. Customers can contact the driver to inquire about the status of their cargo.

Why Is There Such A Surge In Demand For Delivery Management Software?

Businesses are implementing delivery management software for the following reasons:

  • Gaining end-to-end visibility of shipments
  • Profitable deliveries
  • Multiple consignments can be tracked from a single dashboard.
  • Increasing the number of shipments delivered per vehicle
  • Making the best use of a vehicle’s capacity
  • Maintaining customer trust
  • Providing customers with complete order visibility
  • Reducing delivery TAT (turnaround time)
  • Improving the delivery process and customer experience.
  • Creating anticipatory logistics and supply chain model

Which Is The Best Delivery Management Platform?

Informap Technology Center LLC which has provided robust mapping and location services in the UAE for over a decade has developed its own Delivery Management System (DMS) in response to the issues that many delivery companies in the UAE face in managing their operations and processing orders.

Our DMS gives you a complete picture of your resources and orders, all of which can be viewed in real-time through a single application called Deloop. You can monitor the whole status of your orders, the availability of your delivery team, the locations of your clients, and more on a single dashboard. There’s no need to wait for delivery personnel to arrive in the store to assign an order, and you won’t have to waste time manually calculating the best path for your consumers.

What Are The Features of Our Delivery Management System?

Our delivery management platform comes with the following features-

  • Live tracking of orders
  • Navigation tool for driver
  • Integrated with GRL mapping system
  • Order assigning and delivery options
  • Customer Management
  • Live tracking of delivery staffs
  • Intuitive interface
  • Driver app
  • Reports
  • Business settings
  • Customer notification (Optional)
  • Integration with Ecommerce websites (Optional)
  • Barcode scanning using mobile camera (Optional)

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Delivery Management System?

Delivery Management

Using our DMS system will provide you with numerous benefits. You will discover the best delivery routes and ensure accurate and timely delivery. You will get complete visibility from the dispatch center to the location of the customer. Our advanced systems will help you to resolve delivery concerns and goods that have been returned. Moreover, our system will allow you to track delivery personnel, and execute multiple deliveries to a variety of customers. This system will also help you inform clients about the status and location of their orders. Our DMS system will reorder the priority of incoming orders and resolve the driver’s directional quandary.


Organizations now have no choice but to use delivery management software to manage their logistics operations as a result of technological advancements as well as customers’ ever-increasing expectations.

If you want to learn more about our delivery management system, call us at +971 6 577 0099.

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