GPS Vehicle : Let’s Make Fleet Cost management Easy

GPS Tracking System for Vehicles

Recent research shows that GPS tracking devices play a significant role in cutting down on and managing fleet expenditure by improving vehicle productivity and reducing fuel consumption, distance covered, overtime, and idle time. In today’s blog post, we will discuss how GPS vehicle tracking helps manage fleet expenses, promote its performance, and reduce costs. Let’s begin. 

How Does GPS Tracking System Help with Fleet Performance Improvement and Cost Management?

Fleet management businesses often experience challenges and issues related to vehicle usage monitoring, expenditure management due to fuel consumption, and paperwork regarding fleet reporting and documentation. With a fleet GPS tracking system, it’s possible to simplify not just the documentation, reporting, and vehicle monitoring—identifying unauthorized activities if anything happens—but also cut down on the total expenses of fleet management and improve its performance in multiple ways. Here’s how:

Supporting scalability :

Fleet management companies have fleets of various sizes, depending on business needs and usage, regardless of whether they are small or large, including cars, trucks, and containers. Hence, managing them manually can be a challenge. Fleet tracking systems simplify vehicle management while offering productive outcomes and controlling expenditure significantly.

Streamlining routing :

With a fleet management system like a GPS tracker, touring has become a breeze for drivers. They can identify the shortest, safest, and fastest route to arrive at their destination. On the other hand, it provides traffic updates in real-time and suggests alternative routes to reach the destination on time. As a result, drivers can avoid idle time, leading to less fuel consumption and reducing fleet expenses overall. 

Smart system :

As mentioned, GPS trackers improve fleet performance beyond reducing its management expenditure. For instance, this smart tracking system ensures maximum road safety when monitoring vehicle movements, including their locations and halts. In fact, you can keep an eye on drivers’ behavior by tracking their driving patterns that may cause accidents, such as aggressive acceleration, hard braking, over-speeding, etc.  

GPS Tracking System

Asset tracking :

If your fleet management business involves goods shipping from one place to another, asset tracking is equally important. A GPS tracking device also allows you to track assets besides the fleet and ensure real-time updates, combined with mobile sensors and IoT devices. 

Real-time tracking and notifications :

The best part about GPS tracking software is its real-time tracking features and alerts. It will help you and your drivers to take immediate action during emergencies, for example, when drivers violate the speed limit or change their routes unnecessarily. The GPS system can track it instantly and send notifications to take the necessary actions. 

In Conclusion : 

Looking for advanced vehicle tracking systems? Count on us. At Informap Technology Center LLC, we have the best quality and most advanced 4G GPS vehicle tracking system to provide robust solutions for multiple vehicle tracking, optimized route planning, and most importantly, reducing fleet management expenses by improving its performance. For example, you can use our MULTI-DRIVER USING IBUTTON READER & KEY, RFID READER & RFID CARD, trailer and container tracking and many other vehicle tracking devices.

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DELOOP: A Delivery Management Platform – Optimize Local Delivery Anywhere

Delivery Management Platform

In this digital era, everything is available at doorsteps, from clothing to medicines to groceries. And if you run a logistics company or a supermarket in the UAE, you may know how important it is to deliver goods on time, Right? So, no wonder you probably stay stuck in calls to track orders and your delivery staff!

What if you can get all the details under a single roof? At Informap Technology Center LLC, we hear your wish and bring an ultimate delivery management platform, DELOOP, to make your job easier.

Interested? Let’s have an insight into its application features and advantages at a glance.

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A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Best Vehicle Tracking Solution for Your Enterprise

Vehicle GPS Tracker UAE

Vehicle tracking systems come in different forms, technological levels, and price ranges. Not all of them are developed or ruggedised to handle enterprise-level operations. Investing in vehicle tracking solutions can modernise your daily functions, streamline your monitoring effort and boost security. But it only makes sense when you capitalise on the right solution. So, the biggest question is how you choose the right vehicle tracking solution for your business. Continue reading for the answer.

Define Your Requirements and Choose the Solution Accordingly

The first thing that you must do before investing in any vehicle GPS tracker is to outline the primary objectives that you want to accomplish through it. You could use a GPS tracker to reduce risk and improve safety measures. Cutting down the fuel costs is also a valid concern, as GPS trackers can directly boost your profitability. Evaluating these areas in the first place is considered a great start to the decision-making process.

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What Is GPS Tracking and How Does It Work to Make Fleet Management Easier

4G GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS has become an integral part of our lifestyle. Almost all of us rely on the GPS system for several reasons, but we hardly understand the technology. This post aims to shed light on the GPS system and educate our readers about it. At first, we will reveal the concept of GPS and then discuss what GPS tracking is. Finally, we will explain the working principle of GPS vehicle tracking devices, which will help you realise how it makes fleet management easier. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

What Is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It utilises satellite-based navigation to provide users with data regarding location and time. This technology was first designed for military purposes, but now it is widely available for civil uses. We can notice its implementation in several fields like aerospace, vehicle tracking, mapping, smartphone navigation, etc.

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Field Staff Tracking App: Benefits, Features, and How to Pick the Right One

employee tracking mobile app

We are all aware of the necessity of keeping a record of everything field staff members perform in order to manage an organization’s field operations.

However, obtaining accurate information about the on-field employee workforce presents a significant challenge for each and every manager of a firm. Here comes the importance of an employee tracking mobile app solution. Let’s learn about the Field Staff Tracking App, a technology that could assist you in effectively locating your employees in real-time, checking attendance, assigning and monitoring tasks, and supervising their productivity!

Benefits Of Field Employee Tracking App

Easy monitoring– A field employee tracking app tracks and monitors employees who are operating on the ground using technology-driven app software.
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