What Is GPS Tracking and How Does It Work to Make Fleet Management Easier

4G GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS has become an integral part of our lifestyle. Almost all of us rely on the GPS system for several reasons, but we hardly understand the technology. This post aims to shed light on the GPS system and educate our readers about it. At first, we will reveal the concept of GPS and then discuss what GPS tracking is. Finally, we will explain the working principle of GPS vehicle tracking devices, which will help you realise how it makes fleet management easier. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

What Is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It utilises satellite-based navigation to provide users with data regarding location and time. This technology was first designed for military purposes, but now it is widely available for civil uses. We can notice its implementation in several fields like aerospace, vehicle tracking, mapping, smartphone navigation, etc.

What Is GPS Tracking?

Among all the uses of GPS, we will particularly focus on its vehicle tracking abilities. The global positioning system involves a satellite network orbiting the planet and devices that can help locate the position of a person or an object.

So, we can see that GPS tracking requires two essential things to operate – a network of satellites and the tracking unit. Talking about the satellites, currently, there are 24 in orbit. The tracking unit can only determine the location of a person or object when connected to the satellite network. A GPS tracking unit like a 4G GPS vehicle tracker tracks the following three data sets at the same time:

  • Positioning
  • Navigation
  • Timing

How Does a GPS Tracker for Vehicle Work?

A GPS tracking unit sends unique satellite signals triggered by the receiver. This is how the receiver tracks the GPS-enabled vehicle’s exact location and computes its timing as well as the velocity in which it travels. The position of a car can also be ascertained and represented in a three-dimensional (3D) view by leveraging four types of GPS satellite signals. Such a GPS system consists of three segments: control, space, and user.

GPS Tracker Fleet Management System

We hope that the concept of GPS is now clear to you. Besides, we have also discussed how a vehicle tracking device work. By leveraging its full potential, you can make fleet management a cakewalk and also maximise vehicle utilisation. Investing in a 4G GPS vehicle tracker will also help you boost route planning and fleet security. But the biggest question is who you should trust when it comes to receiving the best GPS vehicle tracking solution. Informap Technology Center LLC is the answer.

Our flagship IT-300 GPS tracking unit is a tested hardware that businesses across the globe have been using for the last ten years. This made-in-Korea product can withstand the heat and roughness of the Middle East’s operational environment. This is perfect for small and medium businesses that need a user-friendly vehicle tracking solution but can’t afford to burn their pocket. And the best part is we deliver a ready-to-install product that you can operate from the very next day. Contact us now to get a quote!!

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