What Are the Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking?

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

GPS tracking is no longer just dots-on-a-map software. It has been a vital tool for businesses to improve their productivity and monitoring efforts. By leveraging the power of GPS tracking, you will get visibility and comprehensive insights into all aspects of fleet operation.

The best GPS vehicle tracker in UAE or other countries can help you to accomplish business objectives. It helps to improve efficiency and savings. A combination of these things will add more revenue and directly influence the bottom line of businesses. The following benefits of GPS tracking will show how it can impact your business operation.

  1. Improve Fleet Productivity

Informap’s GPS tracking system can help you choose the right path and empower you to reach the destination faster. So overall, it is fair to conclude that you can get more done every day by leveraging the power of a GPS vehicle tracking system. It will improve fleet productivity and business performance simultaneously.

  1. Reduce Risk and Liability

As a certified SecurePath provider, we offer innovative vehicle tracking solutions to clients across the country. Solutions that we provide are powered by sophisticated GPS hardware and industry-grade sensors. We only appoint experienced and skilled technicians for the installation of GPS vehicle tracker. Our modules are integrated into the main application that allows real-time monitoring. Real-time GPS tracking will help you to monitor unsafe and aggressive driving behavior. You will get the following benefits by using our GPS tracking system:

  • Reduce the risk and likelihood of a collision.
  • Save on liability payments.
  • Save maintenance and downtime costs.
  • Save uncalculated amounts of reputational costs that may come from negative publicity due to an accident.
  1. Reduce Fuel Expenses

Fuel costs have always been a significant issue to those who are managing a mobile workforce. Idling can make your fuel cost even higher. For example, an hour of idling may waste somewhere between 1/4 to a whole gallon of fuel. You may think that this is not much for a single vehicle, but the collective total of your entire fleet will be a considerable amount.

Aggressive driving is another factor that contributes to high fuel costs. Studies show that it can lower the miles per gallon up to 15% to 30% at highway and 10% to 35% in stop-and-go traffic. Investing in a high-performance GPS vehicle tracking system can help you to reduce fuel cost. Here’s how:

  • GPS tracking system alerts drivers and reminds them to shut off the engine after a certain period of idle time pass.
  • You can also monitor how much fuel your drivers are using through reports.

Leverage the Power of GPS Tracking with Us

Informap Technology Center LLC is one of the best GPS tracking companies in Dubai operating under the Informap worldwide BVI. Our goal is to provide world-class location technology solutions and services to SMEs at affordable prices. You can opt for our entry-level tracking system and scale as your business grows. Schedule a meeting with us to know how we can help you to manage operations.

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