How Can Businesses Ensure the Maximum Benefit Out of GPS Vehicle Tracking System?

The economic condition has affected businesses all over the world but the UAE economy is fully prepared to meet challenges. For a business to survive in a highly competitive market, it needs to be well-managed and must streamline their operational processes to get a competitive edge, and that can be achieved with Informap’s GPS Vehicle tracking system. Fleet Management or GPS Vehicle Tracking System has proved as a bonus tool to such businesses that need help to manage their profit margins.

There are many times when businesses overlook the need of having a GPS Vehicle Tracking Services for reasons cited as an additional expense, being misled by the conception of distrust or even it was considered to be an unnecessary ornamental accessory. As you install the GPS Vehicle Tracker, you can know the real-time/exact live location of your vehicles. This helps you to have an eagle-eye view of your vehicles’ usage and activities done for your business. But here, it is very important to choose the right service provider with all the necessary features. That’s why Informap arms your vehicle with superior qualified GPS Vehicle tracking system.

Here are a few ways how business owners can utilize GPS Vehicle Tracking System to enhance their productivity:

1. Improved Route Management

Managing your drivers is far easier with GPS fleet tracking, as you can always see where they are. GPS Vehicle tracking system allows Transport managers to get quick information about vehicles on a map or in the form of reports.

2. Ability to Dispatch Drivers Quickly
Planning is the key. For many businesses, “on time” is a vital factor. Whether your vehicles are a part of a repetitive route, deliver a product or pick up individuals, accuracy is essential. Unable to meet the customer’s requirement on time causes a company’s reputation to suffer, and so will the business. With a GPS vehicle tracking system in place, the transport managers can easily dispatch the drivers by locating the closest one for the job. With the help of POIs, you can easily mark the customer’s delivery spot on the virtual map. Our latest feature – share location helps the transport in charge to share the location to their drivers immediately by SMS or WhatsApp for immediate navigation.

3. Monitor the Vehicle Usage – Authorized & Unauthorized
Keeping a check on Vehicle Usage also helps to control unnecessary expenses. The business owners can ensure that the employees use their vehicles only for authorized jobs in allocated times. Our systems are featured with automated alerts to notify the transport manager. With the help of Geofence, you can mark boundaries such as around an emirate, the delivery point or even the labor camp. This helps to keep a check on vehicle movement of GPS Installed device. The same feature can be used to see if the vehicle is being used during non-working hour such as the weekends or the Public holidays.

4. Improve the Driving Habits and Increase Productivity
The drivers are aware that they are being monitored and hence they are forced to improve their behavior—avoiding unnecessary harsh braking, reducing over speeding, effective route planning and using vehicles only for authorized business. This improved behavior will ultimately reduce the wear & tear of the vehicle – increasing its lifespan, avoiding accidents etc.

5. Reducing Fuel Consumption
The Fuel Consumption report is an excellent gizmo to be used for managing your vehicle expenses. The vehicles’ usage frequency is all calculated in terms of expenses here. Our application tracks the vehicle’s total distance travelled, idling time etc. and process this information to give you the exact mileage information. Using this report, you can identify the areas where is the maximum expense incurred.

These are the main reasons on how businesses can ensure maximum benefit from the GPS Vehicle Tracking System and its increasing importance in today’s market makes it a necessity for businesses to adapt to the GPS Vehicle Tracking System to make maximum utilization of its functioning.

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