Field Staff Tracking System To Track Your On-Field Staff

What happens when your field staff leaves the office? You lose visibility till they come back and wonder where they are and if they are doing the tasks assigned to them?

With a web-based Field Staff Tracking solution, they are visible at all times on a map at the office desktop computer with their work schedule. You can assign tasks and see as they progress from reaching the site until they complete their task, thus managing your field workers effectively.

There are 2 parts to Informap Field staff tracking; First part is the Smart Phone APP and the second part is the web application. Together they provide a live communication channel between the office and the field workers connected at all times.

From the office, you can use the system to create tasks under each project with customer details, site location, expected start and finish times and details of the task to be carried out. When the field staff logs into the app, all the tasks assigned that day is listed together with all the task details. The field staff taps on each task as per the priority and update the progress step by step. They can write notes, take photos or even scan a barcode.

Field staff tracking solution increases field worker productivity through better task management and reduces administration costs by eliminating the paperwork. The automated solution allows generation of real-time reports on field staff performance.

Data collection and field inspection agencies are also seeking the benefits that can be offered by switching from paper-based data collection to mobile data collection.

Often a manager wants the employee to change the route to go somewhere or service a client in a nearby location. If only he knew which of his teammates were close by, he could connect and get the job done. It also helps the manager understand that employees are logged on and available, besides it fosters better relationships. The truckers, delivery teams, logistics may be primary beneficiaries in using locator apps to help build efficiency.

Thankfully, the field staff tracking app does exactly that. It tracks everyone in the group and pins them down to a spot on the street and in near real time. The manager back at the company can map their location, track where they are and get a map and turn directions to the area.


  • Real-time management visibility of field worker location on the desktop dashboard
  • Create, assign and schedule tasks for each worker easily and effectively
  • New tasks are automatically transferred to the field worker on their smartphone
  • Field worker themselves can create a task on the app and notify the manager
  • Ability to transfer information between the back office and the field in real-time
  • Ability to schedule tasks and dispatch them to workers in the field
  • Receive accurate and timely job progress status from the field worker
  • Elimination of paper processes and associated admin costs
  • Ability to give exact customer location map and details for the field visit
  • Provide mobility plug-in by integrating with back office systems
  • Generate real-time reports to analyze field worker performance and duration in each site
  • Prevent false reports and fake conveyance bills
  • Ability to find field worker in real-time and assign a task to the closest worker
  • Proof of work done and Increased customer satisfaction.


Field staff tracking system can be used to manage field staff in any business. Following application areas can derive enormous benefits:

  1. Sales staff
  2. Installation Technician
  3. Service and Maintenance
  4. Security patrolling
  5. Field Surveyors collecting information
  6. Facility Management
  7. Home service agents

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