Benefits of Using Field Staff Tracking App

employee location tracking

Technology has made our lives convenient in several ways. Nowadays, it’s not necessary that people must be present in the office to get the job done. Technology has made it possible for businesses to stay connected with their employees and their work always no matter the time or place.

Informap’s MiTrack mobile app is one such innovation that has made on-field team management easier than ever before. MiTrack is a Field Staff and Task Management Android Mobile app used for monitoring, recording & managing the field staff. Businesses like cleaning services, facilities management, landscaping, delivery services, and other field staff-oriented companies can leverage the power of field employee tracking software to monitor the productivity of their employees.


MiTrack should not be limited to an employee location tracking app, instead, it should be viewed as a solution to make the work life of your field staff much better. Also, it will help the organizations to save resources – unnecessary paperwork and time delays.
Managers can also easily download analytics reports using this software. It can also be used to:

  1. Track the date & time of the execution & completion of work
  2. Track the Jobs done for a customer
  3. Track the tasks done by the respective field staff
  4. Track the Tasks done in a particular emirate
  5. Make better strategies
  6. Exchange privileged insight and data etc.

Companies can definitely optimize their business operations by using Informap’s field staff tracking app. By using the GPS coordinates of the mobile phones, the supervisors can monitor their routes and daily activities.

Our GPS based monitoring solution allows salespeople and delivery businesses to create a predictable and reliable schedule time. You can always deliver on promise using this application which will help you to improve your relationship with your customers. So overall, it is fair to conclude that you can build trust and loyalty with your customers while using Informap’s employee GPS tracking software.

Stay Connected with Your Field Staff Using iTrack

We hope that the benefits of using MiTRack field employee tracking mobile app are now clear to you. The next question is, which is the best employee location tracking solution that you should use? The straight answer to this question is iTrack. It is a high-performing web based application developed by Informap Technology Center LLC. Our iTrack is designed to do more than just helping businesses to track their field staff. You can maintain field staff workflow using this web application. Let us explain how.

iTrack allows the department heads to add jobs or tasks in the dashboard. The on-field Team Leader can pick up these tasks from the drop box and assign them to the field staff based on their locations. Some of the critical features of this application are as follows:

  1. View live location of your field staff
  2. Record the contact details and address of the customers
  3. Manage daily attendance of your field staff
  4. Receive instant task alerts from field staff
  5. Generate monthly reports etc.

These are only a few of the many features of iTrack. We request you to schedule a free demo to learn how to use iTrack to manage business operations.

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