GPS vehicle tracking system for School Buses

School Bus Tracking

Student safety is an essential consideration factor when choosing school bus transport for their children. This assures the safety of the children when they are commuting to school and returning home. Informap’s School Bus Tracking Solution ensures safe transportation of children.

  1. Real-Time Monitoring 

Informap has designed the school transport management system that allows parents and school authorities to check bus location through live GPS tracking updates. The system notifies the parent by sending SMS alerts as soon as the child enters & exits the bus with a geo-location link that parent sees on google map. Using Informap’s school bus mobile app, parents can monitor the school bus’s location and reach the pickup or drop point at the right time. 

  1. Peace of Mind

By providing the ability to track school buses by vehicle plate number or vehicle ID, parents feel safe and secure. This is particularly helpful when children are taken on excursions, picnics, field trips, or other events outside of the school. Imagine the nightmare for driver and parents when parents have to call the bus driver to find out where the bus is. School Bus Tracking solution is a welcome relief to the parents.

  1. RFID for Attendance

Informap’s school bus monitoring system allows giving RFID for attendance management. Students tap the RFID card either on the fixed RFID reader or on the RFID gun reader given to the driver to tap the card to avoid any malpractice. The parents and the school know when and where the student boarded the bus and when and where they got down. This is very critical when an incident happens. The driver of the bus also has to walk all the way to the end of the bus to check and push a button to turn off the vehicle. This ensures that no student is left sleeping in the vehicle and forgotten.

  1. Bus Performance Data

The infofleet web app provides a dashboard that shows the vital statistics in graphical form for the fleet manager to see and act as any trouble unfolds. Report is also generated and sent every morning to the attendance system to sync with the class attendance. This way it is possible to know if a student who has come to the school by bus is missing in the class.

The system also provides proactive and reactive bus maintenance alerts to help reduce fuel costs and the tear. Further, the driver’s behaviour and driving habits are monitored. Rash driving, engine idling, violating traffic rules, over speeding, taking sharp turns are some of the driver habits that can be tracked using our Driver’s scorecard. 

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