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Fleet Management in UAE


Your Fleet is your significant asset. Managing a single vehicle or a fleet requires a centralized platform making it increasingly important to improve the performance of your service with minimum wastage or minimum usage of your resources. Our Solutions helps you to do Real-Time Tracking, Route Planning and Monitor Speeds for Optimal Performance. 

Informap has powered hundreds of small businesses in the UAE to benefit from this technology for managing their mobile resources; Vehicle, Driver and their work. Our systems are quick to set up and can easily be used by anyone with basic computer skills.

Plug & Play GPS Tracking

When business requires a portable GPS tracking unit that can be easily deployed and moved from one vehicle to another or a moving asset such as heavy equipment, this solution is most suitable. This comes with options for direct charging or with a long life battery.


Standard GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our Standard tracking solutions will deliver you exact information on all the parameters of the vehicle.
Ideal for small and medium businesses that requires an affordable simple track and trace solution.


Car Tracker in UAE

Advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking

These solutions use advanced GPS hardware coupled with industry grade sensors carefully installed by our experienced technicians.
Along with tracking and tracing your vehicles, you can also track for additional information on the Drivers, Temperature & Cooling, Towing's Bed Sensor & Heavy Equipment.




GPS Vehicle Tracking for Chiller in UAE

GSM Data Provision

a. UAE GSM SIM card DATA for GPS tracking

In order to quicken implementation of GPS tracking and Informap’s other IoT services, Etisalat M2M SIM cards are provided at very competitive rates.

a. International GSM SIM Card Data for GPS Tracking

For vehicles going outside the UAE, international GSM SIM cards are provided. This allows 10, 5 and minutes 3 minutes polling interval.


Different categories of companies face different challenges when it comes to managing their fleet. Depending upon your requirement, we can customize our solution for you. Based on our customers’ feedback and opinion, we have engineered several solutions meeting specific challenges required by them to manage more than just their vehicles.



GPS Vehicle Tracking for Businesses in UAE

IoT Monitoring Warehouse & Cold Storage

You are running a distribution business in Foods or pharmaceuticals that require a constant check on the temperature or moisture. Your efficiency and reputation depend on your ability to maintain the freshness of your products in your warehouse or mobile storage boxes & containers.
Informap provides cold storage, warehouse, and home monitoring solutions meeting these business challenges to maintain the quality standards of your perishables.



Managing Mobile Resources (Vehicle, Worker and Work) is very challenging for a business and its fleet manager. It is more than just knowing where and when. Most of the solution providers simply offer the basic functionality of showing the vehicle location and time on an unlicensed google map interface. Informap approaches this on a comprehensive scale offering an integrated solution of optimizing all three assets to maximize your workforce and productivity while increasing your service revenue.




For small and medium companies and individuals who require a simple and easy to use system to manage their fleet maintenance, repair, tires, insurance and registration service, Informap offers a Mobile APP. Using Informap’s Fleet Management system comes in Mobile APP and on web platform.


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