When business requires a portable GPS tracking unit that can be easily deployed and moved from one vehicle to another or a moving asset such as heavy equipment, this solution is most suitable. This comes with options for direct charging or with a long life battery. 

Cigarette Light Charger Tracker

Simply plug the tracker into the cigarette light jack and system becomes operational. The motion sensor in the GPS unit detects vehicle motion and collision impact. This unit has ultra-low current consumption in deep sleep mode.

OBD Tracker

This offers a reliable power source and a neat installation solution. GPS tracking unit is installed under the dashboard and the power is taken from the OBD Port. The installation does not void vehicle warranty and no wires are cut or punctured. Alternatively, it can be plugged directly to OBD port.

Motor Cycle Tracker

Featuring ultra-low power consumption in deep sleep mode, IP66 waterproof casing, internal antenna, built-in G- sensor, I/O connectivity, driving behavior, event management and user-defined reports, this tracking unit is ideal solution for Motorcycle and boat tracking.


Rechargeable Battery GPS Tracker


For long distance inter-state leased trucks, this solution is appropriate. It has a rechargeable battery that can last upto one month. Options to charge using cigarette light charger or using a standard wall socket is provided.