Addressing System Solutions

Keeping track of several addresses and finding them is hard in a metropolitan city.

For transporting businesses that deal in home delivery, our web addressing system can be used simply through a web or mobile platform.

Not only can you collect customer data for your business, you can also gain access to an address for the incoming calls you receive.

Locating and receiving addresses in many countries is a difficult task, particularly in most Middle East countries. Customer locations and contact details are crucial for any online delivery companies or home delivery services. These data are considered for business analytics for taking strategic planning.


Web Map APP

GRL Web addressing system can easily be integrated by simply calling the Web map API via Web browser or Mobile platform. Web APIs are the business building blocks for any online service. This is iOS and Android compatible. This allows you to collect customer data for running your business, by simply linking into your website.

Caller Locator

A state of art product by Informap, which can locate an incoming business call on a map interface with correct location. Helping a call agent to understand the exact location of the caller.This is possible by using Informap’s enriched business establishment’s database with exact business locations.

How Addressing System Works

Dubai’s new smart addressing system is accurate down to a metre, and includes street signs that carry the district name, community name, and street. The Makani app provides the coordinates, which can locate the building, along with information on the entrances, if there is more than one.

What Are The Special Features?

  • Reduces time taken by taxis and delivery vehicles to reach the place.
  • You don’t need the verbal address, only the coordinates, or Makani app number
  • Easy to use and find villas and buildings using a unique 10 digit numberr
  • Very simple to use for tourists
  • You don’t have to remember the street and area names.


Informap’s GRL addressing web map service is highly reliable and shows very building with landmark very clearly and accurately.

- Davina

The GRL map service allows searching a building or villa by its name, villa number or a Business telephone number. It cuts the address taking time for the call agent to almost half.

- Catherine

Informap provides single window access to all UAE addressing system such as Dubai Makani, Abu Dhabi Onwani and Sharjah Postal code

- Yi inxie